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Welcome To MAAI Training!

Course Overview

Break Into the Remunerative Market of Medical Aesthetics

Medical Aesthetics is growing at a rapid pace. It is essential that current and future Medical Aesthetic Professionals understand the internal and external drivers that are shaping the industry. Injectors will need to constantly evolve to succeed in this industry and create value for their clients while increasing the engagement of the professionals who work within this industry.

specialized Botox® and Dermal Filler trainings

Empower Yourself and Kick-start Your Career

Our approach to Botox and Dermal Filler training is proven to keep you and your clients safe. With our private mentoring and business start up guidance, you are sure to succeed!

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Confidence in Knowledge

With MAAI, participants will gain an in-depth knowledge of the medical aesthetic industry and how you can become a part of this exciting field.

It is of utmost importance that participants learn how to safely and effectively implement basic and advanced procedures, understand facial aging, refresh their knowledge on facial anatomy, identify products and equipment, demonstrate proper use of each product, and its recommended use. A variety of injection techniques for neuromodulators and dermal fillers will be demonstrated and performed. Participants will complete a thorough client assessment, identify treatment goals, contraindications, as well as recognize complications and understand how to properly manage them if they occur.

Become Qualified Experts

Our instructors will take you through a comprehensive curriculum on neuromodulators and dermal fillers. Courses include didactic and hands-on instruction which includes practice on live models. All participants will receive a step by step student manual, audio visual mentoring, and a Medical Aesthetic Injector starter kit which is equipped with all the supplies needed to start seeing clients right away.

Interactive Foundation

Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the products being used and techniques presented through instruction and live model demonstration.

MAAI Courses are not only designed to meet the needs of the participant and leave them feeling confident to enter the marketplace, but also equipped with business strategies and a procedure kit to get started right away.

"Yvonne is an amazing instructor. She helps you feel at ease when doing something new. Classes are small enough to get personal attention."

Toni P, RN

"I attended Botox/Juvederm training with Yvonne. She did an excellent job explaining the facial anatomy, targeted treatment areas, potential side effects, reconstitution and injection techniques. Following this class I was able to successfully start my own business. I’m so thankful for her personalized instruction and individualized attention that she gave to each of us. Medical Aesthetics Art Institute is the best in the industry if you are just learning or want to perfect your technique."

A.B., NP

"I enjoyed your Indianapolis course. I would attend another course if you are teaching. Thank you again for such a great afternoon."

P.B., NP

"I enjoyed the class and feel like it was beneficial to my learning!"

McKenzi A., RN

"Awesome experience. Loved the hands on experience. Great Tips! Thanks"

Monique H., RN

"Loved it! Great hands on experience and wonderful tools to succeed."

Marissa H., RN

"Very informative. Good lunch presentation. Great flow, model scheduling was good."

Sylvia C., RN

"I cannot thank you enough for your help and encouragement this weekend in Portland. Thank you for your patience, expertise, and guided teaching. Starting this practice will empower me to start a new career while still allowing me to be a full-time mother of 3."

Nova B., RN

"I just took the course on face injections and it was great. Yvonne did great and is really passionate about the industry. I would love to take the advanced fillers and injectables training."

Dr. Sergey D

A More Successful Experience

MAAIs team of clinical instructors bring with them extensive knowledge, skill, experience and professionalism.

Our clinical instructors have a surplus of knowledge in the field of medical aesthetics. Each team member has a keen understanding of MAAIs culture, and the personal touch that can help make your experience more successful.

  • Engaged learning and networking experience.
  • Sharing our best practice tips, while avoiding pitfalls.
  • Approachable and friendly, allowing for a positive and fun learning environment.
  • Class size limited to 6 students to ensure personalization
  • Practice on live models
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